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Elder Potential

The Elder Characteristics for the 21st Century

The ideal image of elders in the future will include:


  • Description: Description: C:\Users\Mike Gorman\Desktop\SACFER WBSITE\SACFER WEB\image022.jpgPositive attitude and understanding of how to maximize their potential
  • Self-actualized
  • Changed understanding about Age from the present one
  • Wise
  • Respected
  • Independent
  • Revered
  • Seen as experienced
  • Not depressed
  • Good quality of life
  • Ongoing hopes and dreams
  • Being risk takers
  • Families that support and encourage elders’ potential
  • Decreased need for nursing home beds with increased use of creative non-institutional alternatives for those who need some help
  • Reduced profit from current Ageist products and services but increased profit on those bringing elder independence and thriving