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Elder Rights

Elders Bill of Healthcare Rights


We the members of SACFER (the Southeast Advocacy Center for Elder Rights), in order to promote, advocate for and defend the rights of all people as they age, do ordain and establish this Elders Bill of Healthcare Rights.


Elders have the same rights and freedoms as all other people.  These rights include, but are not limited to:


1.                 The right to health care regardless of age.

2.                 The right to prompt, truthful and forthright answers about their health and care.

3.                 The right to full participation in their own health care decision making.

4.                 The right to due process within the legal and health care system.

5.                 The right to understandable information about medications and their side effects.

6.                 The right to have confidential communications and records regarding their health care.

7.                 The right to choose place of residence, food, living conditions, and a person to act and make decisions on their behalf.

8.                 The right to have a comprehensive capacity determination.

9.                 The right to appropriate and effective rehabilitation.

10.            The right to be treated with the same respect and dignity as all other members of society.