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Sageism vs. Ageism

In March, 2011, The Southeast Advocacy Center for Elder Rights hosted a one day seminar entitled Rethinking Elderhood featuring New York physician and author, Dr. Al Power.  This seminar dealt with the issues of Ageism and their impact on how elders are viewed; the importance of seeing each elder as an individual; and the value of reducing sedating medication in working with those with dementia - instead recognizing that behaviors are simply an expression of an underlying need.  The program was held in Chattanooga and Nashville and co-hosted by the Tennessee Eden Coalition, The University of Tennessee - Chattanooga Dept. of Psychology, Key Rehabilitation, Health South - Chattanooga, Summit View Senior Community and New Senior Concepts.  Participants agreed to take action to help change how elders are dealt with in society. Their action plans are posted here.